Hentley Farm Restaurant

One of Helen’s favourite dining experiences in the Barossa

I really can’t say I have a favourite restaurant in the Barossa Valley, there are simply too many good quality restaurants, but I could say I have a list of favourites.

One of those favourites would have to be Hentley Farm.


Simply because it’s just so different, the culinary team lead by head chef Lachlin Colwill (or ‘Lockey’ as I call him) is exceptional.

They have embraced creative cooking in such a unique way, interesting new aged styles and presentations, but the true heart of the Barossa is always on show with a commitment to provenance.

Nothing makes me prouder as a Barossan than to learn about the stories of old and new producers within the Barossa and our surrounding regions.

My favourite table is the big front table directly as you walk into the restaurant, holding the kings position overlooking the windows into the galley where all the artfulness and creativity by the chefs is on show.

I’m a creative person and when I see design and art within food it excites me. The presentation of the dishes is always a highlight and gets the table talking at the start of every course.

I’ve always said that good food is one thing, fancy surrounds and décor is another, but if the service from the staff isn’t up to scratch, it might as well have all been for nought. Thankfully Hentley Farm boasts a team of service professionals that match it’s award winning trophies.

Big smiles and welcoming faces ensure a comfortable seating, before you’re guided through a culinary adventure with the staff meticulously explaining every course upon its arrival.

As though all of this wasn’t enough, I’m further impressed by the additional touches and thoughtfulness, like giving each guest a personalised copy of their menu before departure – the perfect souvenir to share with friends while trying to explain one of the many dishes that delighted you at Hentley Farm.

From the attentive service, to the mouth-watering dishes, the showmanship of the courses, all set amongst its theatrical setting, Hentley Farm is a serious restaurant experience, but one that has all the heart and soul of a great Barossan restaurant.

Bon appetite!
Helen Burge

Hentley Farm

Refurbished 1880s farm building with exposed-brick walls, offering an upmarket degustation menu.

Address: Gerald Roberts Rd, Jenke Rd, Seppeltsfield SA 5355
Phone: (08) 8562 8427
Website: www.hentleyfarm.com.au

TIP: Hentley Farm books our months in advance, so please book ahead so you will not be disappointed.